folkert-jan van der pol

Rainforest Alliance

At the end of 2018 I had the opportunity via my studies to develop a project for Rainforest Alliance.

I worked in a team of four to create an interactive product that would show people the livelyhood of Ghanian farmers.

This project has won a Golden Dot Award for best interactive design.

  • client Rainforest Alliance

  • role Developer

  • date 29/02/2019



  • Vue

  • D3.js

  • GSAP

My role inside the team was developer. The other roles in the team consisted of a content manager (Angelique Janssen), user interface designer (Sam Hofman) and illustrator (Matthias Leuhof). Besides these roles, we worked closely together at every step in the process. This way we all learned from eachother and made sure to create a product we and Rainforest Alliance would be happy with.

In the end we ended up with an interactive website which tells the story of the Ghanian farmers through text, illustrations and graphs. It explores topics like income, food security and land size.

The data visualizations are customly made with a library called D3.js. This library allows you to create custom SVG data visualizations, but requires you to make them from scratch.

In the end Rainforest Alliance was really happy with the end product and are currently working on investigating the data visualizations to make sure no wrong conclusions are being insiuated.

This project has won a Golden Dot Award for best interactive design.