folkert-jan van der pol

Quality TV

Quality Media was busy developing a streaming service for television channels in the first half of 2019. They were searching for someone to build an ecosystem of websites, a dashboard and an administrative backend system.

After a while they also requested me to build a webplayer to support their streaming services. The project had a lot of challenges like authentication, subscriptions and third party resellers.

  • client Quality TV

  • role Developer & Designer

  • date Ongoing



  • Nuxt

  • NodeJS

  • MongoDB

The process of development took off in july of 2019. I started the development of the administrative backend. This included setting up a server and database for accounts, clients and channel bundles. After the basic setup I created a dashboard to interact with the backend for three different roles of accounts. QualityTV subscriptions were going to be sold via third parties as well, which all needed their own analytics, stores and employees to be editable in the dashboard.

Furthermore, I created a dynamically generated shop page for each third party. This shop page had an offline and online variant, to make cash payments in stores possible.

Currently, I'm developing a webplayer for their streaming services. This will be a dynamic webapp which serves content based on user's previously watched channels and preferences.