folkert-jan van der pol

Blue Ivy Amsterdam

In december of 2018 the content manager of nightclub Blue Ivy Amsterdam approached me to design and develop their main website.

After designing a few iterations they ended up choosing a fully blue design.

The website was developed with Wordpress as a custom theme.

(official site currently offline, current link links to a demo version on a subdomain)

  • client Blue Ivy

  • role Developer & Designer

  • date 21/02/2019



  • PHP

One of the interesting parts of the project was that they requested a custom agenda functionality that allowed them to create agenda items which would be automatically removed after their date had passed. This was solved with a simple cron-job.

Another custom feature they requested was the possibility to have people sign up for an event's guestlist. They requested the possibility to generate a spreadsheet per event with the attendees.