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  • Type Freelance
  • Role Development
  • Date April 2018


In march 2018 startup Katalysis approached me with the question if I was available to develop the front end side of their website.

The design was made by Padraig Mckee. It was a quick little project to get their startup ready to inform and attract clients via the web.


Katalysis is a start-up company based in Amsterdam. Katalysis was founded by Alex Tran Qui and Eveline Klumpers . Alex and Eveline bring together a broad set of disciplines and backgrounds: tech, finance and entrepreneurship.

Katalysis develops software based on smart contract blockchain technology aimed to help the publishing industry with the transition from off- to online. Katalysis’ product, Katalysis DecPub (Katalysis Decentralized Publishing), is the first blockchain based implementation used in the publishing industry in the Netherlands.


The main focus of this project was to create a visually stunning, well operating responsive landing page. It's far from the most impressive project I've worked on code-wise, but it serves as an example of one of the services I provide: The production of quick, responsive little websites in a short amount of time.

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